Car Salvage Specialists in the Woking Area

Fellow Green Salvage are based in Knaphill to the east of Woking. We are car salvage specialists for the entire Surrey area and much of our work takes place in Woking itself. Our yard is a car recycling facility that uses safe and ethical reclamation practices. This ensures our work never compromises the integrity of our local environment.

We field many calls from customers in the Woking area each day and the most common question we are asked is “I want to scrap my car. What do I do next?” In truth, these customers have already come to the right place. Our car dismantlers provide a start-to-finish service that makes the salvage of end-of-life vehicles as simple as possible.

We’ll establish where you live, where the vehicle is positioned and when you would like as to come and collect it. Our car salvage recovery teams can come to any location in the Woking area and load your end-of-life vehicle directly onto a truck. We’ll even assist with the DVLA paperwork. Our quotations are amongst the most competitive in Surrey.

How do you Scrap my Car?

We return your vehicle to our car salvage yard near Woking. Once it is in the hands of our car dismantlers, we ethically remove all fluids and lubricants before breaking the vehicle down. Car recycling is a major part of our business and wherever possible, we reclaim as many working parts as we can for the second-hand aftermarket.

Our car dismantlers physically check all removed components to ensure they are in full and safe working order. We then make these parts available for resale. This gives other vehicle owners in Woking the opportunity to buy quality components for repair work at a fraction of the prices normally charged by traditional parts factors.

As a part of our commitment to car recycling, nothing ever goes to waste. Even old tyres can be recycled to create rubber surfacing, the type you might normally find in a children’s playground. We minimise the amount of scrap sent to landfill and this is why our car salvage specialists are the perfect choice for responsible-minded customers in the Woking area.