I Live in Guildford and want to Scrap my Car

This is a statement that we hear on a daily basis from end-of-life vehicle owners in Guildford who are looking for a simple way to dispose of their unwanted cars. Fellow Green Salvage are genuine car salvage professionals working out of Knaphill near Woking. Our car dismantlers and recycling specialists cover the entire Guildford area.

When we hear somebody say “I want to scrap my car”, we immediately respond by taking a few basic details such as where the vehicle is located, whether you have the registered keeper document and when you would like us to come and collect it. Our quotations for car salvage are possibly the best to be found in Guildford.

We arrive at the agreed time and load your vehicle onto our truck. Our car recycling team even complete the required DVLA paperwork. Having an end-of-life vehicle removed from the roadside by our car salvage experts could help you avoid penalties for not having road tax, an MOT certificate or an insurance policy.

Full Reclamations at our Car Recycling Facility

Once a vehicle has been collected from the Guildford area, it is brought back to our car recycling facility in Knaphill and passed onto our car dismantlers. We have advanced equipment that drains the entire vehicle of oils, fluids and lubricants. This is an important aspect of car recycling that ensures we meet our own environmental responsibilities.

Next, our car dismantlers strip the vehicle down piece-by-piece to salvage working parts and reusable panels. These are made available for resale to vehicle owners in Guildford and Surrey at hugely discounted prices. We always have a large number of parts and components available that are derived from our car recycling work.

Anything that can’t be used as an aftermarket part is still recycled wherever possible, including tyres and scrap metal. This provides customers in Guildford with the reassurance needed for all of their car salvage requirements. When you ask us “How can I scrap my car”, we already know you’ve made the best choice already just by picking up the phone!